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That's Bob from Bob's photos. His last name is something positively
unspellable (Llejestrand or something like that).

Besides all the photos, he has several books. I grew up in Worcester, MA[1],
so his "Steam Action in Worcester" (or something like that) is a favorite or

Bob is from Massachusetts (Framingham, IIRC) and doesn't attend quite as
many shows as he used to. He hurt him self a couple years back. He's a great
guy and always willing to help out a regular.

I have probably sunk about $500 into Bob's photos over the past few years,
and that is not even making a dent into the Western Maryland Railway photos
he has. Apparently the Springfield, MA show is the only show he brings his
entire collection to. That being said, when he comes down to Timonium
Maryland, he still fills an entire box truck. His collection is just



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Fellow Listers,

This photo was taken at the annual railroadiana show in
Gaithersburg, Maryland last year. Notice what's for sale
on the table in front of them:

So who are these guys, and how extensive is their collection?


Shawn Beckert

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