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One correction to Ed's statement. Bob does no printing himself,
automated or otherwise. He has people he uses to make hand prints for
him, at least in B&W, making usually about ten prints of each
negative. I know one of the people who prints for him and he lives in
Maryland. So if he is out of something, it may be awhile until he
will get a group of negatives reprinted.

Bill Welch

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Why don't you guys suggest to Bob that he sell photos through the

I placed several orders with Bob through the mail but I could tell
that it was a real imposition to him - I never received some prints
that I ordered several times.

Some time back we had a list of freight cars that Bob sold to
various members of this group including Richard Hendrickson.

Bob has a different model than most of the other guys selling B&W
prints - he prints up several of the same print by a semiautomatic
process rather than one a a time as the prints are ordered. His big
expenses are traveling and time (much of it driving time).

It certainly would be impossible keeping prints of all 100,000
negatives in stock and I doubt they're cataloged either.

A good way to get started would be to hire a computer saavy high
schooler to catalog new batches being printed or prints in
(they could show that list over the internet). They might then
expand to keep inventory of the photos on the aforementioned
car list.

I think Bob must weed out the lesser quality quality negatives. If
most customers eyeball prints why print up anything marginal?

If they already have the prints there's very little overhead
them through the mail.

Ed Mines

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