Re: Scale Weights - Doubt It

Paul Hillman

Several years back in Model Railroader, there was an article about a hump-yard that was operated by compressed air to slow-down the cars on their descent. It was quite an elaborate and working system. I'm thinking that it was the "Glencoe Skokie RR" maybe?? I'd have to research my old MR's.

Paul Hillman

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I remember a story or proposal by someone to use small jets of compressed
air located between the rails to keep the cars moving once they had been
"kicked". Of course, this may have been one of MR's "April Fool" stories.

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> No, that is what I believed a Dutch Drop was - dangerous, illegal, and
> really really impossible to do with a model that comes to a stop within
> inches of becoming unpowered. But, any drop, kick, or running a car down
> the
> hump is pretty much impossible due to the lack of momentum in our models,
> and was the thrust of the thread.

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