Accurate Paint Schemes on the Accurail 40' Wood Boxcars?


I am trying to figure out which Accurail 40' Wood sided boxcars are pretty close to accurate and which paint schemes are legitimate paint schemes? I am interested in the 4300, 4500, 7100, and the 7000 series cars. I know some manufacturers, especially Walthers, like to paint up their cars in the roadnames that generate the most revenue even if the actual road never had them. Given the Accurail car is only $10 I have accepted the fact that there is probably some faults with the cars and the detail is not similar to Intermountain or Red Caboose so as long as they can pass for good stand-ins with accurate paint schemes then I am fine with that. I need some cars to fill out my roster and add some variety. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Jason Sanford

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