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Fred in Vt. <pennsy@...>


You're forgiven, and you can come back north anytime. Heck, I live in southern Vermont, and snow season is the best time to sit in a warm shop & build away. Springfield must be doing something right, there is a waiting list of 60 vendors who want to attend.
Plus, it helps to have the major NE cities close by too.
If you get to really missing the place, I could always send a snowball in a cryo-pac !! <LOL>

Fred Freitas

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On Aug 24, 2005, at 8:35 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:
> Springfield Massachusetts, Tony... in January. Bob has several hundred
> books, and chairs to sit on. And there are other excellent photo
> dealers
> there too.

Springfield, Mass. in January? When Cocoa Beach, Fla. is an
alternative? Give me, as we say, a break. The Springfield meet is all
very well for those who already live in the area, but I spent three
winters in New England once and I ain't goin' back.

Richard Hendrickson


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