Re: Accurate Paint Schemes on the Accurail 40' Wood Boxcars?

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Jason Sanford asked:
"I am trying to figure out which Accurail 40' Wood sided boxcars are
pretty close to accurate and which paint schemes are legitimate paint
schemes? I am interested in the 4300, 4500, 7100, and the 7000 series

Jason, thanks for posting an actual modeling question! It's a great
break from the never-ending scale weight/"friction" bearing/climate
debate threads!

4300/4500 series:

Most of these paint schemes are based on USRA SS boxcars, which these
kits do not accurately represent. Some are based on similar cars but
are lower in height. A few schemes are completely bogus.
Additionally, some of these prototypes had straight center sills
instead of the fishbelly center sills provided with the kit. These can
be modeled using 2x12 styrene strip in place of the supplied
centersills. Here's a quick summary:

Close: 4302 M-K-T, 4310 CN, 4506 DM&IR

Similar (Different IH and/or radial roofs): 4307 LNE, 4312 CB&Q, 4318
SL-SF, 4503 NP, 4504 MP

USRA SS Boxcars or close copies: 4301 SP, 4303 CNW, 4304 PRR, 4305 NYC,
4306 B&O, 4308 CP, 4309 Erie, 4311 NYC, 4313 WM, 4314 N&W, 4315
Clinchfield, 4316 AA, 4317 D&H, 4502 PRR, 4505 RDG, 4508 CG (believe
this is actually GA)

Bogus: 4319 WAB, 4501 ATSF, 4507 WAB

7000/7100 series:

The closest prototypes for these models are Illinois Central:

This is a relatively rare prototype, as many cars with this Howe truss
configuration are lower in height than this model. Many of the schemes
offered are for ARA design SS boxcars, Fowler patent boxcars, or Mather
patent boxcars, which this model definitely is not. Only the IC models
can be considered close, and that wears an as-built scheme gone by the
transition era. 5th Avenue Car Shops offers both these cars in the
correct IC transition era scheme, as well as some other closer

Much more information on both these models and prototypes can be found
of the pay side of the RPI website at .

Ben Hom

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