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Springfield is the biggest, I'm not sure if "the best" applies. It's the pits to park at, it is the pits to try to walk around at, and you have to have sharpened elbows and you have to tune your ears out for the cacophony of the tinplate bells and whistles.

Having said that, there are benefits to going. There are a lot of photo dealers, and a lot of good resin and other kit dealers. Once in the buildings, the weather is not a factor - the weather, actually, is only a factor waiting for the thing to open - and going between the car and the buildings. Having grown up in Northern California and having lived in Texas and now living in Illinois, I can tell you Texas weather was far worse than either of the other two. Both winter and summer.

But, if you haven't "done" Springfield you really owe it to yourself to do it once or twice. It is a phenomenon that can't be imagined otherwise. Come fortified with good shoes, a happy face and sharp elbows and you can survive the two days....

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Springfield Massachusetts, Tony... in January. Bob has several hundred
books, and chairs to sit on. And there are other excellent photo
there too.
Springfield, Mass. in January? When Cocoa Beach, Fla. is an
alternative? Give me, as we say, a break. The Springfield meet is all
very well for those who already live in the area, but I spent three
winters in New England once and I ain't goin' back.

I'll agree with your assessment of the weather, but it is the best
train show in the country, bar none. Now, if you have everything you
need, as you do or are close to, then Cocoa Beach is a far better
alternative. I'll be at both.

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