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Somehow I missed this in the digest version....

I have been to it, 3 times. It depends on what you are looking for.
Bob L. has his full inventory at Springfield, he does not at Cocoa
Beach or Naperville. That said, if you call him before hand, and if he
remembers (a dicey possibility after his skull fracture, but he *is*
getting better), he will bring what you ask. However, it should be
also said that I ended up finding Rio Grande photos in binders having
nothing to do with Rio Grande.

I will also mention that weather can play tricks on you - I went to a
Sn3 Symposium in Pasadena in February and it was 10 degrees warmer when
I left O'Hare than it was for the next two days in Pasadena (it was 74
in Chicago).

But... it all boils down to what you want to look for. If you are
looking for photos, resin kits (although mostly eastern kits), a show
that rivals the shows at NMRA conventions with a whole lot more people
attending, then it is a good show to go to - at least once. Go with
friends and have a ball with the famous Sprinfield night life... On the
other hand, if you are looking for ATSF or SP freight car diagrams, or
other such things, I would wait until Naperville or CB for the photos
and kits and then go to the Du Page, Gaithersburg and St. Charles shows
for the paper.

The good thing for you is that from beautiful downtown Burbank, you can
get relatively cheap flights to Midway and to BWI and Dulles (FLYI to

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Bob Webber, have you been to this one? It would take a lot to get
me to fly clear across the country just to freeze my behind off.

Shawn Beckert, nice and (really) toasty in Burbank...

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