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Shawn.One should not try to compare a Prototype Modeler's Meet.The
Springfield Show is without question a great experience.You should plan to
attend two days.The crowds are so large that at times it is difficult to get
near a dealer's booth.Three or four deep at times.There is something for
everyone.All scales are present.Upwards to two thousand people attend the
two day event.The show is housed in two(at last count)buildings.
A Prototype Modeler's meet has a more narrow focus.The seminars are super
with presentations by some of the best modelers in the country.A real
learning experience.There is an opportunity to ask questions and exchange
ideas.You are bound to meet someone who shares something in common. The
emphasis is on prototype modeling with fewer vendors present.You will have
a choice to attend several presentations as well as seeing displays of
excellent modeling.
It is your choice.It all depends what you are looking for or expect
gain.Hope this helps.Armand Premo

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More than a few people here have said the Springfield show is
"the best bar none". I have yet to hear the reason why. What's
the attraction - more tables, more freight car stuff...more snow?
Tell me what makes *this* show special.

Bob Webber, have you been to this one? It would take a lot to get
me to fly clear across the country just to freeze my behind off.

Shawn Beckert, nice and (really) toasty in Burbank...

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