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One hint-------you can get unadvertised, and unimaginable discounts at this show. No one wants to haul it home again!! Z to G, and once a live steam dealer; so it appeals to a lot of modelers.
Last Feb I walked out with Red Caboose kits for $8.00 new, IM kits for $12.00. No complaints from me. In to DCC? Two crews install onsite while you wait---and reasonable too.
Old, rare, & obscure brass at decent prices show up every year; first come first happy!! Just to mention a few----

Fred Freitas

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Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2005 2:04 PM
Subject: [STMFC] The Springfield Show


More than a few people here have said the Springfield show is
"the best bar none". I have yet to hear the reason why. What's
the attraction - more tables, more freight car stuff...more snow?
Tell me what makes *this* show special.

Bob Webber, have you been to this one? It would take a lot to get
me to fly clear across the country just to freeze my behind off.

Shawn Beckert, nice and (really) toasty in Burbank...

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