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Fred in Vt. <pennsy@...>


You nailed it. Neither is like the other, so one needs to choose, or attend both !!!

Fred Freitas

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From: Mike Brock
Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2005 3:34 PM
Subject: [STMFC] Cocoa Beach-Springfield

>From various comments...tinplate whistles...whatever they are...and a
comparison to the NTS, and Ted Culotta's comment about Springfield:

"You are more apt to find good stuff here than anywhere else. Do you
remember 30 years ago when you used to attend shows and there was
always "good junk" to be found? Well, it's at this show more than
anywhere else."

I gather that Springfield is a "train show". To be sure, Prototype Rails at
Cocoa Beach is not. While we do try to have manufacturers present and even a
few vendors...including photo guys...Cocoa Beach is a prototype modeling
meet in which the emphasis is on the study of the prototype AND how to model
it. It is true that resin manufacturers [ obviously, they also sell ] will
be present along with other manufacturers that concentrate on the Branchline.

Given that, comparing events like Springfield to that at Cocoa Beach is like
comparing the west coast to the east coast. Both have coast lines.

Mike Brock


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