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Hi Everyone,

I see I also needed to look at the next page in the diagram book. Series 6500 to 6599 built in the war year of 1942 had wood running boards. Series 6600 to 7099 were built with steel running boards. The diagram is silent as to the type of steel running board.



I found the metal running board discussion interesting. This morning I pulled out my Milwaukee car diagram book from the 1950's and it indicates as build these cars had wood running boards. The metal boards must have be applied as a latter repair.


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On Aug 24, 2005, at 10:31 AM, william darnaby wrote:

Any of you guys know what type of metal running board these cars had
when so
equipped? FWIW, the brake step appears to have holes in it similar to
Morton but I don't trust it to guide me.
Bill, I have three photos of these cars with steel running boards in
which the running boards are visible, and in all cases they appear to
be Apex.

Richard Hendrickson

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