Re: Milwaukee Road double door 40' RibSide boxcars

Tim O'Connor

Ted Schnepf wrote

I found the metal running board discussion interesting. This morning I
pulled out my Milwaukee car diagram book from the 1950's and it indicates
as build these cars had wood running boards. The metal boards must have be
applied as a latter repair.

I think that the following cars were built with steel running boards,
as required after 1944:

series 21188-22187 blt 1944
series 22188-23187 blt 1945
series 23188-24937 blt 1946-1947
series 24938-25537 blt 1948
series 25538-28559 blt 1948-1949

Of the above, I think 21188-22187 match the Ribside kit.

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