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Springfield may have a waiting list of vendors, but they when they finally select a vendor to fill a spot, apparently they won't guarantee the table space until the vendor arrives to set up. Martin Lofton has been asked to attend as a vendor a number of times by the people who run this show, but when he asked if they could guarantee him the table space, their reply was that he had to arrive at the door and they would then see what they could do.

Martin said that each time that he was asked, he told them that he would only come if they could guarantee the table space as he was not traveling across the country, only to arrive and find that they could not fit him in!

That is why Sunshine Models had only been attending the Great Scale Train Show at Timonium Maryland. He knows that he will get the space to set up that he paid in advance for! How could anyone run a show where they invite the dealer/manufacturer to participate, but cannot guarantee as space until he arrives? At this time it is a moot point as Martin has reduced his traveling to shows by almost 75% over the years due to his work backlog.

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Fred in Vt. wrote:


You're forgiven, and you can come back north anytime. Heck, I live in southern Vermont, and snow season is the best time to sit in a warm shop & build away. Springfield must be doing something right, there is a waiting list of 60 vendors who want to attend.
Plus, it helps to have the major NE cities close by too.
If you get to really missing the place, I could always send a snowball in a cryo-pac !! <LOL>

Fred Freitas
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On Aug 24, 2005, at 8:35 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:
> Springfield Massachusetts, Tony... in January. Bob has several hundred
> books, and chairs to sit on. And there are other excellent photo dealers
> there too.

Springfield, Mass. in January? When Cocoa Beach, Fla. is an alternative? Give me, as we say, a break. The Springfield meet is all very well for those who already live in the area, but I spent three winters in New England once and I ain't goin' back.

Richard Hendrickson

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