Re: Steve Solombrino ( was The Springfield Show)

Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...>

Tim O'Connor wrote:
"I don't need to point this out to most of you, but not ALL of the
best modelers in the country are into the "RPM scene". There are many
fabulous models on display at Springfield (as there are at regional
shows and meets all over the country). One of my favorite displays
at Springfield is the Pfaudler tables, where superb, scratchbuilt
models of milk trains are on display. And way back in 1989 before
I even knew my A end from a B end, I was awestruck by a Prototype
Modelers' display led by Steve Solombrino, a great modeler who to
my knowledge has never attended a single RPM meet. RPM meets only
attract 1% or less of model railroaders -- you can be sure you are
missing out on a lot of great modeling if that's all you do."

Tim, point well taken; however, in 1989, Steve Solombrino was a fixture at
RPM meets (back in the day of the old paper RPM newsletters). If you go
back to Schleicher's coverage of the meets in MRG and RMJ from the late
1980s, you'll see his models.

Ben Hom

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