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Paul Hillman

Mike Brock wrote;

"I will also add that weather and climate...unless closely associated with
frt out of scope."


That's really interesting, because I was just NOW reading from my 1903 book, "Railroad Construction-Theory & Practice", Prof. Walter L. Webb, C.E. ;

Chapter XVI, 'Train resistance', ( b ) Journal friction of the axles;

(4) "It is observed that freight-train loads must be cut down in winter by about 10 to 15% of the loads that the same engine can haul over the same track in summer. This is due partly to the extra roughness and inelasticity of the track in winter, and partly to increased radiation from the engine wasting some energy, but this will not account for all of the loss, and the effect, which is probably due largely to the lower temperature of the journal-boxes, is very marked and costly. It has been suggested that a jacketing of the journal-boxes, which would prevent rapid radiation of heat and enable them to retain some of the heat developed by friction, would result in a saving amply repaying the cost of the device."

Thus, in Cocoa Beach in January, longer, heavier trains can be run than in Chicago, etc.. Now you can prototypically factor that into the reasons for your meet.

Paul Hillman

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