Re: Kaslo double dutch drop

Paul Hillman

I can just imagine the stories from the steep-incline, multiple-
grade, multiple switch-back logging railroads, about these "Double-
Dutch-Drops", IE);

"Yeah, one day we tried a triple, double-Dutch-drop with a string of
10 fully-loaded log-cars and killed 20 men. Everything was OK until
old "cross-eyed Bob" the switchman couldn't tell which way the train
was goin' and switched her into the company mess-hall siding. Took
us a week to find the beer-cooler again."

Paul Hillman

--- In STMFC@..., PBowers <waiting@s...> wrote:
Canadian Pacific had an interesting "double dutch drop??" in Kaslo
probably one of the longest movements of tat type. The inbound
train left
the van on the mainline with brake on as it was an approx 2%
grade. The
loco and train pulled over the switch, reversed direction and then
down another approx 2% grade to the dock. Once the train was
clear, the
van brake was released and it rolled to the opposite end of the
yard which
was on a almost 5% grade. The van reversed direction and returned
back to
the switch down to the dock where the brakeman, after changing the
to the dock track reboarded and rode the van down the grade
coasting to a
stop near the rest of the train. The length of track travelled
was about a
half mile.

Peter Bowers

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