Re: Kodak - Slightly Off Topic...but Only Slightly.

Paul Hillman

Yeah, not quite sure what the current, real quality of digital is, (short of a $3,000.00 digital camera, etc.), but it looks like the "old" print system is definitely on the way out. I used to develop my own film and prints a few years back. I still have a 35mm SLR and love it.

But, I have another film OT question; what's the best way to separate print-film pictures that are stuck together?

Paul Hillman

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This article is taken from USA Today. You might want to take a look:<>

The freight car connection should be obvious. If things keep going the way they
are, there might not *be* a Bob's Photo in a few years. Or John C. LaRue, or Jay
Williams. etc. Not to be Chicken Little (hey, there's an idea for a movie), but
it looks like we better start buying photographs like crazy or we find someone
who still makes printing paper (and chemicals) and work out a deal.

At some point we'll be forced to accept digitally printed photos. I already have
some, and I'm just not impressed.Unless the quality of digital printing improves
drastically (and who knows, maybe it will), I think we're in for a dry spell as
far as this facet of our hobby goes.

This is not meant to stir a debate (which will get Mike upset), but I think people
here should be aware of what's coming. Not a pretty picture - no pun intended.

Shawn Beckert

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