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In fairness to Martin, I would not pay up front & not have a guaranteed spot on the floor. Some folks are getting over-inflated, and need a reality check.
As for Al, that was a nightmare. Al & Patricia waited till the next day to head home; just in time for a 20 some inch snow fall. IIRC, they had soda cans explode in their vehicle from the -10 temps.
Mrs. westerfield may be from Vermont, but Al does NOT DO SNOW. Have no reason to feel deprived by his decision, I can order on line.
For those who may never have operated in snow------it's different!!!
Now back to the regular programming >>>>>.

I'm trying to find an answer for a fellow modeler up here, and I did not have a clue to the right explanaton. Would one the more knowledgable please indulge me with the difference between Z bracing, and what some call "exteral bracing". Not to be confused with hat section structural members. It's one of those things I should know, and can't recall it. Drat !!!

Fred Freitas

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Thomas M. Olsen wrote:

> Springfield may have a waiting list of vendors, but they when they
> finally select a vendor to fill a spot, apparently they won't guarantee
> the table space until the vendor arrives to set up. Martin Lofton has
> been asked to attend as a vendor a number of times . . .

And Westerfield has told us he went once and isn't going again.
So Springfield isn't exactly presenting "all the big resin producers."

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