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It is my understanding that a single 35mm black and white negative
holds the equivalent of 80 megapixels of data in "analog" form
(actually, it is digital when you get down to the molecular level).
A single 2-1/4" X 2-1/4" B&W negative holds 150 megapixels of data.
Sort of. This is ONLY true if the negative is crystal sharp. The great majority, especially 35 mm, are far from truly sharp. In such a case the INFORMATION content may not exceed 5 MB, regardless of how many silver grains there are.

The negative is also a much better way to store data archivally -
the compact disc technology will probably be long obsolete, while
B&W negatives will still be great. I also understand that a digital
image on a compact disc will only last for about 20 years before it
needs to be removed and placed on new media.
I'd agree about the longevity of negatives--same is true of paper records. As for how long a CD will last, well, realistically, no one really knows yet. They certainly ARE subject to heat and humidity: you can add them to the very long list of things best stored in a cool, dry place. (inevitably reminds me of the great Traveling Wilburys song on that topic . . . )

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