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Rob & Bev Manley

They did and I had one. The flywheel was powered by a rubberband to a plastic drum pulley mounted on one of the axles. It performed much like a rubberband. Most of my cars have Interrmountain standard or semi fine scale wheelsets and they mimic the momentum better than the flywheel gimic. If you pre-pposition your Kadees so that they will not couple, you can with practice, switch on the fly.
Real brakemen don't use uncoupling magnets,
Rob Manley

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Did not NWSL offer a flywheel chassis that could be used with an Athern
box car to simulate train momentum?
On Aug 26, 2005, at 12:27 PM, Tom Jones III wrote:

> My thoughts were motorized momentum in the cars, or flywheel driven
> momentum
> in the cars. DCC is too much for individual cars when it is possible to
> simply (yeah, right!) have the car sense its own speed and through a
> computer program onboard the car control the momentum motor that
> drives the
> wheels, or provides resistance. A flywheel may be a lot easier, not
> sure
> about cheaper. It would provide a sort of brake when stopped, but it
> certainly would push the train along when moving!
> Tom Jones III
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>> Re: Scale Weights - Doubt It
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>> Then after accomplishing this you run into the problem of how our
>> layouts
> aren't actual scale
>> models, in fact most don't even approach being scale. Most are so
> drastically foreshortened that a
>> 1:1 freight car's dynamics when scaled down acting under the forces of
> momentum would roll much
>> farther than most of our sidings and yards are long. A freight taking
>> a
> mile to stop would take how
>> many dozen laps of most of our layouts to achieve that? That's if you
> don't have a point to point,
>> in that case it just goes over the edge because the world is flat.
>> Here
> there be dragons and they
>> find model railroad equipment to be tasty. That's why it keeps
> disappearing off the edge of the
>> layout, never to be seen again. :-)
>> The more you try to mimic the prototype the more you end up
>> demonstrating
> the reality that our
>> models are basically toys, well, expensive toys.
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