ADMIN: Warning. Subject and Scope

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Well, it looks like it's time for one of my little lectures about the use of the "subject" and the need to follow the rules. In this case, the one about messages needing to be about steam era frt cars.

So...before you send a message, take a look at the subject and see if your message is associated with the subject.

Next, unless your message is about frt cars...just don't send it. If you have a question about another subject that you think someone on the STMFC can answer, send it to me and I'll make the judgement to send it to the entire group.

If you do happen to address the membership with a subject unrelated to the subject matter of the group [ which has been sent to you ], please have the courtesy to take discussions with those that might have replied OFF LINE.

Now...just so there aren't any surprises, the Head Judge [ me ] is in chambers and will be issuing warrants to the HIgh Sheriff [ me ] to serve on those that ignore the decree outlined above. The last several months have seen much too much sloppiness in message identification and staying within scope. Thanks.

Mike Brock

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