RTR Resin-is Here now

Andy Carlson

Though N Scale, It appears to that the first
commercial Resin Boxcar is being released. GHQ, a
maker of very well done N scale items, has announced
production of NP 40' DS Fish Belly underframed 14000
series boxcars in RTR resin. this is to be followed by
an NP 90000 wood side reefer sometime later (Early 06
release). Close behind is a Canadian National 8 hatch
Reefer in series 209500-209999. these cars are cast
from patterns made by Gregory Scott, and are cast in
resin for the car body, and cast pewter for the fish
belly underframe. Assembly, painting and lettering are
done in China.

The importance of this, if a new trend, is that the
RTR aspect of the hobby is encroaching on the
currently 100% Kit territory of resin cars. Not that
this is bad, but this shows the hobby's continual

I saw pre-production finished cars in San Diego last
week, and they are very well done. (Tony- this is
where you reply about "stick a fork. its done"!!!)

Though not cheap, at $39.95 per car ($149.95 4/pac),
they are a bargain for people desiring good finished
cars w/o the work. These cars will be available only
directly from GHQ 28100 Woodside Rd Shorewood MN

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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