Re: Solid, Roller & Friction Bearing Journals

Paul Hillman

Yo Al,

Is there any chance that you could scan a photo of these 1925 roller-bearing trucks and send it or post it to pictures? (Without the problem of another copyright infringement thread?)

Also, to paraphrase Bill Shakespeare, "A journal by any other name would smoke the same." I'm just a sleazy electrical-engineer. What do I know about the more mechanical-stuff too? Still learning!!

Paul Hillman

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I'm just a chem major Tony, in other fields I'm lucky if my subjects &
verbs agree never mind correct usage of tecknickle terms. :-)

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

P.S. Oh, and right after hitting "send" on my previous post, I noticed
another picture of those inside-bearing roller-bearing trucks, this
time on a hopper. Same book, page facing the other pix. Also
installed '25.

--- In<>, Anthony Thompson <thompson@s<mailto:thompson@s>...> wrote:
> Al Brown wrote:
> > A test was run, comparing its rolling
> > qualities to those of a sister car with friction bearings . . .
> Tsk, tsk. Still using the term <g>.
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