freight car photos


We are entering kind of a lull for obtaining freight car photos.

Some of the best sources from the past no longer offer prints - Will
Whittaker, Charles Winters, Frank Ellington ...... I think all are
still alive but old age has taken it's toll.

The inability to get traditional silver halide based photogrpahic
paper will probably shut down some of the other men who offer B&W
prints and it is unlikely that older men will spend $1000 on a new
type of photo processor.

I see a light in the tunnel though - as those new digital printers
get less expensive maybe the Smithsonian, Cal State RR museum, NMRA
library, Hagley museum and Ed Hawkins will get those printers and
start producing photos in house. I've gotten good freight car prints
from the first 3 organizations but their current prices are
unbeleiveably high.

I'm very glad builders photos of some cars are available - they are
the only ones I have of some cars I'd like to model. I'm glad too
that Erie had an official photographer who took a lot of "railroad
scenes" photos.

Ed Mines

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