Re: Truck Journals

Paul Hillman

To Richard Hendrickson,

Thanks for all the fine and inside info on this subject of roller-bearing trucks, just what I've been seeking for, as well as apparently others. However, I find it unusual for you to say;

"By the way, this has all been covered in published
sources as well as in previous discussions on the STMFC list, so the
recent deluge on the list of opinion and speculation masquerading as
fact on this subject is really quite UNWARRANTED, not to say TIRESOME
for those of us who have been paying attention to these matters for a
long time."


"Those of us on this list who carry out serious prototype research,...."

Oh, excuse me, only your "clan" does??


"Others on the list may, of course,
use any terminology they like, but should be aware that their choices
may lead others to doubt their seriousness and their credibility."

Isn't the STMFC list supposed to be a source for all of this type of knowledge, for those of us out here who aren't so privy to such "secret" information?

Perhaps if the STMFC would produce a FAQ page, like an encyclopedia, then many of these discussions would be unnecessary and we could refer to the FAQ's instead of each other.

Mike Brock,....Is this bordering on "Flaming" us ignorant-slobs out here?

Paul Hillman

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