Re: Truck Journals

Dave Nelson <muskoka@...>

Isn't the STMFC list supposed to be a source for all of this type of
knowledge, for those of us out here who aren't so privy to such "secret"
Yeah but Paul, for those of us who have been thru this issue many, many
times it *is* off-putting. You need to be aware that many here have been
doing freight cars on the internet since the early 1996. And of course
others are brand new. Are the old hands obligated to anwswer *every* n00b's
question, even those that have been dealt with many times before? In my
opinion, the answer is no.

BTW, it strikes me as rather offensive to suggest people here keep secrets.
Far more likely they're bored, busy, or just indifferent to answering. For
instance, I could have added a few thoughts in on the solid bearing
terminology question... by virtue of the fact that I have been fortuante
enough to purchase a number of cyclopedias and have taken the time to read
instead of just looking at the pictures. But I didn't. That's not keeping
secrets; it's not bothering ONE MORE TIME. Indeed, there are other more
interesting things to do.

Perhaps if the STMFC would produce a FAQ page, like an encyclopedia, then
many of these discussions would be unnecessary and we could refer to the
FAQ's instead of each other.
Perhaps you could start one. Surely many will appreciate a comprehensive
work. In the meanwhile the best I can hope for is the continued PUBLISHING
and SHARING by those who are better informed than I... and by and large I
will be grateful to receive whatever they happen to share.

Mike Brock,....Is this bordering on "Flaming" us ignorant-slobs out here?
I'm sure Mike will remind us all of the official policy.

Dave Nelson

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