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Are the old hands obligated to anwswer *every* n00b's
question, even those that have been dealt with many times before?
In my
opinion, the answer is no.
Is any one person obligated, no.

Is the list obligated, yes.

The basic purpose of the list is to share information. If someone
asks a question and those who know don't answer, then information
isn't being shared. I would be suprised if the same basic questions
didn't keep popping up. They do on every other list I have
subscribed to.

I guess it depends on how you visualize the list as a
single "research project" where you cover each item in sequence and
never back over it or a "school" where a new class enrolls every year
and the same basics get covered year after year.
In the meanwhile the best I can hope for is the continued PUBLISHING
and SHARING by those who are better informed than I... and by and
large I
will be grateful to receive whatever they happen to share.
And that's exactly what all the "noob's" are thinking when they ask a
question. Evidently they will be disappointed.

Dave H.

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