Re: Wabash hoppers

Rob Adams


The Wabash hopper that I see in that photo is one of their many War-emergency composite hoppers, rather than a panel-sided car. The composite cars had wood sheathing until they were rebuilt later in the 1950's with steel side sheathing. Of perhaps more interest though, is the dinged up Ann Arbor panel side hopper behind the Wabash car. The AA cars in that series numbered only 25 and were, unfortunately, seldom photographed. The photo confirms the use of Miner hand brakes on the AA cars. Thanks for sharing the link.

Regards, Rob Adams

Tim O'Connor wrote:

A wreck photo from Decatur IL in 1950, showing a panel-side
Wabash hopper. But look: it appears that the interior of the
car is made smooth by wood sheathing! Any seen this before or
have an explanation?

Tim O'Connor

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