Re: Wabash hoppers

Chet French <cfrench@...>

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A wreck photo from Decatur IL in 1950, showing a panel-side
Wabash hopper. But look: it appears that the interior of the
car is made smooth by wood sheathing! Any seen this before or
have an explanation?

My computer was down for several days so I didn't get to be the first
one to tell you that the car was a WE hopper from the 39000-39399
series. Cars received steel sides in 1956. Photo was taken looking
west just east of the Wabash roundhouse and engine servicing area.
Tracks on the far left are in the B&O yard and the tracks that the
derailed cars are on might be the interchange tracks between the
Wabash and B&O.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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