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Rob Adams


Denny is refering to refrigerator cars that were lettered for the C&S, not their entire freight car fleet. The reefers in question had CX reporting marks for a substantial period of their service lives. I'm at the office and don't have access to my copy of the Burlington Bulletin that covers the BREX fleet, but that might be the first place to look for a potential answer. I'd wager that the CX reporting marks came into being around the same time as BREX. I'm also wondering if Bill Welch can provide some insight into this question, as his knowledge of FGEX, WFEX and BREX history is well-established. Bill???

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Russell Strodtz wrote:


Didn't know they did.

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Does anyone know the date that C&S began to use CX as its reporting mark- a burning question on the Steam Era Freight Car List?

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