c & ei 8 panel gongondola

birdbiz2003 <birdbiz2003@...>

does anyone know of photos or other sources of detailed info on the
ends of the 8 panel gons rebuilt in 1953 for the C AND EI these were
series 95300 to 95399. The photo online is good for the sides but not
good enough to detail the ends for the members of this group.
converting the kit to the prototype mainly means sanding off a lot of
rivets , removing the left side of the ladder frame on the right hand
side, and adding some grab irons and probably $5.00 worth of parts to
the ends and some cutting on the ends may be required.the step plate is
too high and has to go. A quick cheap kitbash that will produce a very
accurate model from a car that can be picked up for under $7.00 at
shows may be possible.

Sincerely ,

Tyler Turpin

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