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Rob Kirkham wrote:
Tony and Richard, thanks for these replies - I appreciate learning that
things aren't as simple or straightforward as they once seemed. I take it
then the old adage about using a photo is pretty much the starting point for
picking/modelling a truck - the specs alone just won't do?
I can't speak for Richard, but I'd say you would prefer to have both. The photo is primary, because sideframe shapes did vary with time as well as with manufacturer, and you can always find the closest match possible in the limited universe of model trucks. "Closest," that is, for a given set of design aspects, such as spring planks, bolster snubbers, etc. The specs do help too but only to narrow down what you are looking at in the models.
I once thought I could collect truck drawings and info from the Cycs and have a complete listing of what every mfgr. made. Wrong. They by no means always put all the product into a particular Cyc. And it isn't hard to find car photos with trucks which don't exactly match anything in a Cyc. Richard's article in RP CYC is a landmark in setting a framework for this topic, but there are many, many details he simply couldn't cover, as I'm sure he will be quick to say.

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