Re: CNW 40ft PS-1 boxcar details

Ed Hawkins

On Thursday, September 1, 2005, at 04:02 PM, Mark Heiden wrote:

I have some questions concerning the details of some Chicago & North
Western 40ft PS-1 boxcars.  The series is 656-1655, 1000 cars built in
1954. I have only been able to find one picture, a broadside shot of
CNW 1102, on the pay-side of the NEB&W website:';s/XM-PS-1-

Does anyone know what kind of roofwalk and brakewheel these cars were
built with?  Also, what sort of trucks did they have?  The trucks look
like Kato ASF A-3 Ride Control trucks to me, but I'm not certain about
The first 800 cars had Youngstown doors and the last 200 cars had
5-panel Superior doors. Hand brakes were Miner, Ajax, and Universal,
however I don't know the exact car number assignments. Running boards
were either Apex or U.S. Gypsum. Photos show that most, if not all,
cars had A-3 R.C. trucks. In addition to the Whittaker photo, there's a
bunch of available photos of cars from this series, including from
Richard Burg (664/1289), Bob's Photo (1219 in color), Charles Winters
collection (1572), Joe Collias (1008/1588), Dick Kuelbs (691), and Mike
Gruber (664/838/1289 from the Tom Martorano collection). Hope this
Ed Hawkins

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