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Richard Hendrickson

On Sep 1, 2005, at 8:02 PM, benjaminfrank_hom wrote:

Richard Townsend asked:
"I have come into possession of a pair of Taylor trucks. My
understanding is that Taylors were used exclusively (or almost so) by
the Reading. My question is this: what series of cars, if any, would
have had Taylor trucks in 1958?"
"I'm looking for a good modeling candidate, which in my case is a car
that I can model with an available kit."

Oy. From a modeling standpoint, Reading's pre-WWII boxcars are a pain
in the ass.... etc. etc.
Ben got so absorbed in the problems of modeling the Reading's box cars that he overlooked a much easier solution. One series of Reading GML USRA-design 70 ton mill gondolas had Taylor trucks, series 23500-24499 built in 1926. Those cars can be modeled with Westerfield resin kits or, if you're willing to fix some minor shortcomings, Walthers styrene models, and many of them were still in revenue service in 1958. In fact, I have a Col. Chet McCoid photo of RDG 24198 still going strong and in excellent condition in December, 1957. Of course, the Reading gons had 70 ton, not 50 ton, Taylor trucks, but since the journal boxes on most model trucks are oversize anyway, I'll bet the trucks Richard Townsend has would represent the gondola trucks quite convincingly.

Richard Hendrickson

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