Re: CNW 40ft PS-1 boxcar details

Mark Heiden

Hello Ed,

Thanks for the information. Are any of the photos you listed
published, like in the Freight Cars of the Fifties series in Model
Railroading magazine? Also, Kadee released two PS-1 models from
this series, cars 664 and 1555. Are these accurate enough to use as
a reference for painting and lettering?

Thanks again,
Mark Heiden

--- In, Ed Hawkins <hawk0621@s...> wrote:
The first 800 cars had Youngstown doors and the last 200 cars had
5-panel Superior doors. Hand brakes were Miner, Ajax, and
however I don't know the exact car number assignments. Running
were either Apex or U.S. Gypsum. Photos show that most, if not
cars had A-3 R.C. trucks. In addition to the Whittaker photo,
there's a
bunch of available photos of cars from this series, including from
Richard Burg (664/1289), Bob's Photo (1219 in color), Charles
collection (1572), Joe Collias (1008/1588), Dick Kuelbs (691), and
Gruber (664/838/1289 from the Tom Martorano collection). Hope this
Ed Hawkins

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