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Gatwood, Elden <Elden.Gatwood@...>

Thanks for the clarification, Andy.

I may buy a couple sets, just to see if there is useful data there.
They may straddle eras, if I'm lucky.

Take care,


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Almost all of the ISP decals are contemporary. However, Bill Onorato,
the owner, art department, production mgr and head of shipping ;-) has
been doing this for over twenty years. So "contemporary" is relative.
Bill once told me he would be happy to do steam era cars for me but has
rarely seen good color photos of them. With contemporary cars he
frequently can obtain the assistance of the car's owner- usually in
exchange for a few finished decals.


Andy Miller

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Subject: [STMFC] Tank Car decals HELP


Can anyone tell me what the approximate eras are for the Islington
Station line of decals for tank cars? They have some
interesting-looking sets, but I have no idea as to the appropriate
they are good for.

Aside from the Champ decal line, and the nice Microscale decal sets,
there any other decal sets available in HO that are appropriate for the
timeframe of this list? And, speaking of the Microscale sets, are
all good for the pre-'60 timeframe, or are these later lettering

Are there any tank car manufacturer logos for our era in any of these



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