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Thanks very much for that info! Who are good purveyors of these decals?

Have you done either the Norwest kit or the Tichy kitbash? How were

Thanks again,


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, are
there any other decal sets available in HO that are appropriate
for the
timeframe of this list?
Most of Black Cat's decals are pre 1965 (and mosly Canadian) Scales
other than HO are available as well:

NSOX351 North Star Oil 8000 gal. Tank Car(start with
Intermountan 8000)1930s -1971
BAOX #833 Tank car - bow tie Pre 1947
BAOX #358 Tank Car - Roundel 1947-1967
CGTX #1 703 war emergency tank car- 10,000 or 8000 Usgal
(kitbash Tichy)pre 1960s
GATX 20717 Tank car 1930s-1960s
IOX 3248 Imperial Oil tank car(Norwest Kit #120 1930s- 1955
CIL #7011 Tank car 1940s -1970s
MFLX #753 McColl Frontenac tank cars 1930s-1950s
CN #990857 Tank car(Norwest Kit #120) 1930s-1960s
CN #990925 Tank car(1943 war emergency)1940s-1960s
CPR#415408 8 & 10,000 gal. Tank cars(Norwest #120 or
Intermountain)pre 1967
Sinclair Billboard style silver on black

Allen Ferguson

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