Re: RDG USRA gons (was Taylor trucks)

Larry Kline

Richard Townsend asked:
I wonder how accurate the p/l is on the Reading model (number aside).

It matches the 1957 Col. Chet McCoid photo of RDG 24198 that Richard
Hendrickson mentioned. Its also on sale.

The Walthers photo shows a car numbered 23035 which is in a series of
21 cars (23015-23350) These were rebuilt in 1938 according to Eric
Neubauer's RDG roster which also says that they ran until 1966.
The 10-56 ORER says that all 21 were still in service and that they are
container gons. There are photos of 23019 and 23035 (with Taylor
trucks) on Rich Yoder's web site. Rich imported very nice O scale USRA
gon and USRA clone gon brass models.

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

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