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It's really odd that there have been more NYO&W models than D&H when
one considers the disparity in size.Armand Premo

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On Sep 5, 2005, at 11:48 AM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

Sheesh, Richard, is there no limit to the hubris of Santa Fe fans? I
do know there are scores of die-hard D&H fans, and they are just as
passionate about their prototype as you are of yours. Size has nothing
to do with fans' interest after all. Many small northeastern roads have
deep roots. Heck, there are dozens of die-hard NYO&W fans and that road
disappeared two generations ago!
Scores of die-hard D&H fans? Dozens of die-hard NYO&W fans? Do I
detect a wee bit of hyperbole here? Tim, I'm glad you're not acting as
a consultant on marketability to model RR manufacturers, otherwise we'd
have hundreds of styrene kits for D&H 36' box cars and NYO&W composite
coal hoppers clogging the shelves in every hobby shop in North America.
I note that die-hard NYO&W fan Bill Schneider has yet to produce a
single Branchline kit for an NYO&W freight car. But then, he has to
work with one eye on the bottom line, which gives him a somewhat firmer
grasp on reality.

That said, I have no idea of the market value of the book. Value is
often a function of condition and rarity, and not so much of utility.
I thought Gene was a fan of midwestern railroads, so for him buying
such a book might be a highly speculative investment.
I assumed, I think correctly, the Gene was interested in the book as a
research resource, not as an investment. Who knows what a collector
might be willing to pay for it? The more extreme collectors are
certifiable nut cases. But as a research resource, I'll stand by my
original estimate that $350 is totally off the scale for anyone but a
D&H die-hard, and I'll stand by my original estimate that there are
probably only five or ten people in the world who are die-hard enough
about the D&H to contemplate paying that kind of money for it.

Richard Hendrickson

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