Re: gons to identify

Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...>

Tyler Turpin asked (URLs provided by Jack Mullen):
"2 photos of gondola types to identify on the Library of Congress website .
great for modeling from the prototype if ID 's can be made:

photo of a gon with temporarily built up side extensions to haul sugar cane
in Louisiana in 1938
LC-USF33- 011773-M5"

T&P 17695 from T&P 17050-18249, IL 41 ft 6 in, 8 ft 5 in height above rail.
Starting point in HO is the Tyco 40 ft gon. You'll need to replace the ends
with Murphy ends from an USRA composite gon.

"ash from a steam tug being put into a Gondola in 1954 in New York
City , New Jersey area. I have a hunch this one is a War Emergency
gon from WW2

This does not match any of the 52 ft 6 in War Emergency gons. (See Ted
Culotta's article in the August 2001 RMC for photos.) Not much to go on for
an ID...

Ben Hom

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