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Simply put,I model what I saw and experienced.Perhaps if I had grown up
in the west,I might have even modeled the UP or AT&SF.I don't know about the
rest of the list however.I attempt to recreate an era gone by.If you want to
take a shot at that,commence firing.I rule what is mine.With my wife's
permission that is.Armand Premo

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Richard Hendrickson wrote:
It's certainly the case that some railroads
have a following among modelers that's out of proportion to their size
and importance, but it's also the case that, in general, models of
equipment owned by large mainline railroads like the Pennsy and the
Santa Fe far outsell models of smaller regional railroads like the D&H.
A lot of model railroaders, including some
subscribers to this list, appear to be borderline delusional on this
Speaking as a person who occasionally needs to make commercial
decisions along these lines, I'd say the truth is far closer to
Richard's position than to Tim or Jeff's. Get over it, guys.

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