Re: Modeling trust plates

Mark Heiden

Hello Richard,

Thanks for the dimensions. The plates are much bigger than I
imagined. Could the 9"X2l" dimensions be extrapolated to most trust
plates, or would they vary road to road?

Mark Heiden

--- In, Richard Hendrickson
<rhendrickson@o...> wrote:
Mark, in an ideal world we'd be able to buy etched metal trust
at the local hobby shop. But the reality is that the trust plates
would be so small in HO scale as to be unreadable except with a
high-power magnifier. I scaled a couple from photos of C&NW cars
they were about 9" high by 21" long. On several HO scale cars,
modeled trust plates as you suggest, by applying small pieces of
styrene strip; the visual effect of just having something of the
size in the right location is worth the effort, and even from up
and personal it's not really evident that no text is visible on
trust plate.

Richard Hendrickson

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