Re: Ore car loads

Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

PBowers wrote:

Photographic evidence in several places shows some of CP's series 375000
and 373000 ore cars fitted with permanent side extensions maybe 12-18"
high. These cars were originally 50 ton cars but lod limit was increased
about 1930. John Riddell advised me the cars load limits were 100,000 lbs
in the Dec 1928 ORER and in Oct 1931 125,000 lbs. For some reason the
revised cu feet capacity doesn't show up anywhere. I am still looking for
a photo of the extended side cars to see if the cu ft data is different.

Are you confusing Load Limit with Nominal Capacity? The ORER's provided Nominal Capacity data only, but the Canadian roads seemed to have selected Nominal Capacities much closer to the calculated Load Limits than their American counterparts.

Tim Gilbert

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