My Naperville Presentation on Steel Reefers & Dreadnaught Ends

lnbill <bwelch@...>

I have working on bringing together my presentation for Naperville
this year on the Steel Fleet of cars operated by the Fruit
Growers/Western Fruit/Burlington Refrigerator (and National)
consortium. As I was copying photos I was startled by a shot I have
of Western Fruit's WHIX 70529, which is a 40 ft. plug door ice cooled
car built by Pacific Car & Foundry. What is notable about this car is
that the lower panel features three major ribs with what has come to
be known the "rolling pin" taper, while the upper panel's three major
ribs feature the so called "banana taper."

I am wondering if anyone else has seen this configuration. My
assumption is that the builder may have using up parts, or the upper
panel could be a repair replacement.

Can someone remind me if SRE had an official name to differentiate
these two configurations, or were they both known as "Improved
Dreadnaught" ends? Should the "I" in improved be capitalized?

Another curiosity I have noted with the plug door cars owned by all
four companies is that the top rib of the top panel is straight
across the bottom, giving it an incomplete look. Anyone have thoughts
why this rib took this form?

Bill Welch

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