Re: The Keystone Modeler, and such

Shawn Beckert

Elden Gatwood asked:

I just wanted to get your feedback on how we are doing, and what you
think, about what we are presenting in The Keystone Modeler.
Are we presenting enough freight car modeling? Passenger cars? Steam?
Diesel? Related subjects? Are there specific subjects you would like to
see covered?
I'm happy to see that back-issues of TKM are available on CD's. It's nice
to be able to go back and look up information right when you need it.

I'd like to see an article or two on Pennsy's auto parts boxcars, as well
as their freight operations involving this traffic. What cars carried which
make of automobiles and parts, what pools Pennsy cars were assigned to, etc.

Thanks for asking,

Shawn Beckert

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