Re: Pfaudler milk cars

Tim O'Connor


I'm fairly sure the steel Pfaudler cars were not 50ft -- it
was more like 47ft or 48ft if I recall. I used to have all of
them when I was first starting out and planning on being
a Rutland modeler (take THAT you AT&SF/SP experts)...

Tim O'Connor

Pfaudler had 40' and 50' curved and straight sill cars. Funero &
Camerlengo made models of all of them. According to their current
website, none of them are in production any more. If the forthcoming IM
40' car reignites interest in milk trains, perhaps F&C will redo their
50' cars.

BTW Isn't some one else doing a plastic wood milk reefer soon? (That is
NOT a milk reefer made from PlasticWood)


Andy Miller

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The Milwaukee reefers were longer than the Pfaudler
milk cars. So they were similar in style, but I don't know
how difficult it would be to make one from the other.
The Intermountain milk car is the shortest Pfaulder car
with curved side sill. Pfaulder also had straight sill cars
and a longer curved sill car.

Does the Intermountain car come with interior tanks?
The Overland models had opening doors and tanks, as
well as interior lighting!

Tim O.

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