Re: NC&StL and CN flat car (Tichy) trucks

James F. Brewer <jfbrewer@...>

I believe John Greene (Bethlehem Car Works) also offers these trucks in cast lead or similar alloy.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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Bruce Smith asked:
...what trucks are appropriate for these cars:

Tim O'Connor replied:
"Dalman 2-level. Eastern Car Works."

Specifically, Eastern Car Works #9061, currently showing in stock at
Walthers. Sunshine also offers a sprung version which should be
available at Naperville. (I'm not sure who made the ones that Martin

ECW also sells a 70 Ton Dalman Roller Bearing truck (#9065) that they
attribute to a "4 truck flat". Any other applications for this truck?

Ben Hom

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