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Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 11:50:00 -0000
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Subject: Re: Bev-Bel offerings
In a word, no. I've seen more than my share of "phantom" car/road name offerings. I have not seen the ad you mention and am not familiar with the Imperial Oil line tankers, so the accuracy of those I cannot comment on.
Greg Bartek
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I just noticed the add in Sept. RMC, p.26, for Bev-Bel Corp, selling kits and assembled models of Imperial Oil (and affiliated) tank cars.
The art work looks good enough from what can be seen in the
photos, but I am wondering if this is a case of applying the
right paint job to the wrong car? Does Bev-Bel have a reputation
for matching the two precisely?

Rob Kirkham
As well as producing their own painted cars, Bev-Bel is the US seller for the Hobbycraft Canada Life-Like products. When sales of the Canadian only products have run their course in Canada the products are released to Bev-Bel to sell in the US.

What you see listed in the Bev-Bel adds are cars that were released a year or more ago in the Canadian market. Many of them are still in stock at your LHS.

Bill Dixon

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