Re: NC&StL and CN flat car (Tichy) trucks

Richard Hendrickson

On Sep 12, 2005, at 6:00 PM, Bruce Smith wrote:

I've been working on a couple Tichy 40' flat car kits (AC&F, 1923 NC&StL
prototype) and I have decided to model one as an NC&StL car and one as a
CN car. My question is what trucks are appropriate for these cars circa
1944? There is a builders photo of NC&StL at the RPI (pay) site like-Tichy-28-cyc.jpg
that appears to show a cast sideframe truck with an interesting spring
package (4 visible with the center 2 protruding more). I would appreciate
any suggestions on the correct trucks to use on these models.
Bruce, I have both builder's and in-service photos of the 1923 NC&StL 70100-70299 series flat cars, and they were built with, and kept at least into the late 1950s, ARA cast steel trucks with spring planks (Accurail's mis-named "Bettendorf" trucks in HO). The truck you describe does sound like a Dalman, as Tim O'Connor indicated, but though Dalman trucks had been invented by 1923, they weren't used much until later in the decade.

As for the CN flat cars, the photos I have of cars in the 651460-652209, 652210-653268, and 653269-653768 series, all of which can be modeled with the Tichy kit, show them with essentially the same ARA trucks as the NC&StL cars.

Richard Hendrickson

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